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Eco Project for school's kids!
Project with Baptist Rainbow Primary School (HK), Farming robot
it expect to take a near year to complete

Online there are many farm robot, like this one

this farming robot cost around $3000 usd, need 3D printing,

Their website

it not suit for kids or individual for trying and fun


I designed a simple version of auto farming solution, it can setup for kids and anyone around the world!

only cost $200 to $250 usd

assume, the farm scale is 500 square cm with water and electric supply

for one unit: We should prepare the followings:

1. an open top plastic container that with 50-100cm x 150 -300cm
(it can use plastic pieces to cut at this shape)

2. screw 10 to 30 hole on the bottom of the container to let the water and air go flow

It would be something like that :)

3. prepare enough soil for putting in the container, you can prepare a bit more, for easier adjust :)

4. auto watering system ( daily watering or by order)

5. prepare a simple net cover all farm plant ( make with long bars and thin cloth or Acrylic), it an resist bug problem, keep warm, avoid wind and strong sun light

5. Internet web cam
Prepare a 24/7 monitor for the auto farming solution, students can watch the system at school in anytime, determine when to clearing grass and harvast

6. prepare a cloth grip net to cover the area that not to plant to avoid grass grow rapidly

7. make sure 3 thing, we must in do in person, seed spreading, grass clearing (grass must be take out all the root rather than just flatten it)
and harvast to get a best and fresh harvast

8. prepare a website, that showing data from web-cam and update-to-day planting shedule
(web cam with temperature or individual temperature display near web cam)

a set a place in old website as a experiment website: hkstudentrobot.byethost5.com/farmrobot

Everyone can check out, it written in Chinese, basical is an app to download and live web cam to the farm

9. prepare an app that link to the website, so kids can monitor the farm at anytime with mobile!

Project with HHCKLA Buddhist Chan Shi Wan Primary School, undersea robot
Question for discuss with kids :)

How deep it would dive?

How much rubbish does it carry?

With wire? Wireless?

Remote control? AI?

With camera?

High tech or low tech?

What is the budget?

With rubbish collector or not?

I imagine a design

two motor 2 sides - forward forward (forward) - forward stay (right) - stay forward (left) - rear rear (backward)

with a simple robot hand to pick rubbish

blue area should include battery and main system

Below is Jellyfish robot we had done last year :)

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